iGameGuardian for iOS 14.5.1 | Download on iPhone & iPad : No Jailbreak

For quite some years, there have been PC programs that enable us to mod video games. And after some time, they also arrived on Android devices. You can also find some in iPhones or iPads. And one of the best examples is iGameguardian.

In Android devices, the tools allow you to mod games and apply cheats to get hold of different extra functions, including endless lives, more coins to buy items within the game, invulnerability, and tricks that you’ve always wanted to use.

Hence with iGameguardian, you can do the same on your iPhones or iPads. The app is among the best modding apps for iDevices presently, which has helpful and user-friendly features. The features go far beyond what you would expect for an ordinary memory editor for iOS. So, let’s dig into the details iGameguardian and learn about its advanced features.

iGameGuardian for iOS 14.5.1

iGameguardian for iOS 14.5.1 | Without Jailbreak

The application comes from the same team of the developer that created GameGuardian for Android. And now it is the iOS version of that app. It is an easy, simple, efficient, and powerful memory editor for any iOS game that enables the user to change values, including gold/money, gems, XP, skill points, etc.

However, like all the game editing and modding apps, iGameguardian requires Jailbreak to be installed and a Rooted iOS to be able to do its job. It is worth the risk because it could be applied in regular apps and online games. iGameguardian is the closes you will get to Cheat Engines on your iOS devices.

Now, let’s head to the features of iGameguardian for iOS 14 that attract most of the users.

Useful features of  iGameguardian

  • You can scan and find any stored memory value, including Money, Health, Gems, Gold, Skill Points, etc. Whereas if you Scan in Auto Mode, there are greater chances of success.
  • Scan for the values that are hidden or encrypted by the developer.
  • There are speed mods and system time skip features for skipping time through the system clock and process speed.
  • There is a separate installation for the Stealth app to make the app undetectable by online games.
  • It is a suitable app to mod games yourself and get all the goodies in most offline games smoothly.
  • iGameguardian is one of the best memory editors for iDevices.
  • It runs on 32 bit and 64-bit devices.

In case you wish to download and install the iGameguardian, follow the steps shown below and try it yourself.

iGameGuardian for iOS 14 | Installation on iPhone & iPad

  • First and foremost, Mod your device. While doing so, don’t use your main apple account.
  • Now, install the Cydia App Store for iOS devices.
  • Next, go to Cydia > Source> Edit> Add> enter ‘http://mohadu31.com’ > add.
  • Install iGameguardian for your iOS version 14.
  • Now, start iGameguardian as a system application.
  • Finally, start modding your games.

Congratulations! You can now start iGameguardian and tap on the Application option to connect to a game process. And play around with Fuzzy search to mod health bars, XP bars, and so on.

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